F-Top Institute


Strong impact through sharp focus, knowing the Must-Win-Battles to shape the future

…During the last 17 years we have through our extensive research and our work with more than 350 international companies identified the Must-Win-Battles in people management. Out of more than 300 metrics, 4.000 activities and business cases the significant results are extracted and condensed to the ones with highest business impact…

Based on best practice from the benchmark, there are two major target groups that we train in order to enhance people management processes in an organisation. This is achieved by focusing on the significant Must-Win Battles managers and HR professionals have to encounter and win.



Adding value through Line Management: Although everything might be optimised – the real value and success comes from consequent execution by the top and line management.

Our research shows that within 6 strategic HR areas there are, in each, a few Must-Win-Battles which need to be executed right by management. Executing these according to F-Top practice shows a significant raise in business results.

6 strategic areas

In many organisations the people management processes are well-defined, HR professionals are well-trained and motivated – but the execution is often lacking due to managers not supporting the process, acting half-heartedly or simply not understanding the value to the organisation.

This missing link – getting management up to speed – we are targeting with our 1 day Must-Win-Battle training. Focus is on the most important topics, strong in the messages, fact-based on Best Practice from F-Top companies and with clear measurable links to business success. The Training can be done by either adding one extra day to existing leadership development programmes or as a stand alone training day.

Afterwards the Managers are not only fully aware of their role and responsibility but also and especially in what results they have to achieve and how to calculate the value in financial terms. With embedded metrics the training success can be measured on an individual but also on a company-wide level.

What are the Must-Win-Battles HR professionals have to win

Based on our research we bundled the significant Must-Win-Battles into 6 independent modules HR professionals can be trained in. Each module (representing a 1-day training plus coaching afterwards) enables HR professionals to focus on the cornerstones of success in these processes.


One of the most interesting findings is that no matter how a certain people management process is implemented there are only a few decisive Must-Win-Battles per process that needs to be performed right – otherwise it has no real business impact.

The second important goal is to furnish HR professionals with a language and arguments line management understands – e.g. building business cases and linking the process results to measurable business value.

Afterwards they are able to critically review the current processes regarding these few decisive Must-Win-Battles and know how to enhance it according to best practice. Companies who train their HR professionals in this way have a potential of 7 mio. Eur per 1000 employees.

All modules contain a 1-day workshop, best practice materials including the benchmarks, post-training coaching (as group and individually) and embedded training success measurements with linked business cases (formulas are delivered and customised to the client organisation).