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People Analytics and Dashboard

Managing processes pro-actively based on hard facts

Customised Dashboards with links to the top- and bottom line are a strong basis to gain value out of all people management processes end-to-end

Keeping control of people management processes, evaluating the results and tying them to the top and bottom line is crucial for the HR function. Many companies therefore express the need to review or establish a business relevant HR dashboard or cockpit.

We have developed a lean process to customise a dashboard to the client’s needs, formulating the right metrics while being context sensitive. The demand varies from overall corporate dashboards covering all people management processes to very specific dashboards covering e.g. only the recruiting function or sometimes a division or region of an organisation.

Focusing on the business drivers for a specific organisation, there are 4 different types of indicators:



Basing decisions on target ranges for the chosen metrics in a Best Practice Benchmark is as important as taking the time to define the raw data for the metrics - both together produce a strong dashboard

Based on vast experience from our benchmarking platform, we are unique in supporting companies in 4 major areas:

  • Choosing the right indicators (defining the right success criteria for each indicator including defending reasons) – focusing on high value generating indicators
  • Defining the correct raw data to be collected (crucial to measure the right things in the same way across the whole organisation – and also to enable benchmarking with the outside world)
  • Providing for each metric the F-Top practice from our benchmarking platform (allowing the client to set the right target ranges in order not to be too ambitious or unambitious, but always aligned to specific business needs)
  • Linking each metric to top and bottom line results (expressing deviations from the target range in concrete monetary terms – how much money do I lose when I am 10% too low compared to a set target)