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Get inspired - Shape People Management with top and bottom-line impact

Learn how the Financial Top Performers are structuring, organising and measuring their people management processes – get inspired to implement people management processes that have an impact on the top- and bottom line.

The Best Practice Transfer approach bundles Financial Top Performer Practice into different packages covering all People Management Processes.

Best Practice

The F-Top Essentials combines the most frequently used KPIs, processes and business cases by our Financial Top Performer group – the areas creating 80% of the value. There is also the possibility to customise a package to client needs – addressing these areas which are currently most in focus.

The Best Practice Transfer is a fast and hands-on method that enables the HR team to immediately reflect on their own processes and to integrate best practices where feasible. This gives an overview of approximately 300 metrics and all related activities performed significantly by the F-Top companies. All hands-on practices can be already used after the first day. It links the value of people management with the top- and bottom line via business cases. Companies are using this to enhance people management processes and to develop them to the next level using input from the activity levels (avoiding re-inventing the wheel). Finally, it helps to develop HR professionals in order to strengthen the whole function.

Each topic is presented, interpreted and discussed according to four different dimensions – providing all needed input for immediate usability.

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